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Welcome to Beach Home Life!

If you have yearned to capture the calm serenity of a secluded beach hideaway, catch the exhilarating crest of a summer wave, create the colors of the tropical world beneath the sea, or fall asleep to the lullaby of the soothing evening tides, welcome to BeachHomeLife.com.


You can fulfill any of your beach furniture needs through us! From our cozy summer Wave Chair to any of our Dining and Living Room Chairs and Table Sets.  Bring your tropical paradise home with Bamboo Patio Furniture and unique Beach Lighting for your house.


From the moment you cross the threshold of an inviting entry that is welcoming and warm, you will leave the chaos of the day behind. Whether it is the casual cozy beach-style family room or the dramatic coastal living room you long to create, our beach-inspired décor brings the best of the beach life style into your everyday life.


Ready for a summer barbecue or picnic? Check out our BBQ accessories and Picnic Backpacks and Coolers!


Beautifully crafted chaise lounges and assorted chairs offer comfort and style from casual to gracious outdoor living. Your guests will appreciate and enjoy your beach-themed table settings and accent pieces that are perfect for dining and entertainment. As the sun sets, let your bedroom suite be that sea-like sanctuary you have always dreamed of with seashore and nautical beach lighting and décor.


For those wonderful beach getaways ...

We carry practical and playful travel items for day trips and vacations. Bring the comforts of home for your enjoyment and pleasure as you bask in the sun, bathe in the sea, and picnic on the shore. Finally, our outstanding selection of gifts will delight your friends and family no matter what the occasion.


Shop our beach furniture for your coastal decor.

Welcome To Beach Home Life

Welcome To Beach Home Life

Lisa Stiemsma 11/04/2015 0
CHICO, CALIFORNIA (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 18, 2015Life is a full circle journey for Mompreneur Lisa Stiemsma, owner of Beach Home Life. The beach day tr...
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